Book 2: JOY CHINESE INTERMEDIATE COURSE--Not boring anymore to learn Chinese Mandarin!
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Overview of the Course 

    This course is intended to be a natural continuation of the first course entitled "Chinese Express".  It is an intermediate course applicable to the Chinese Learners who have some foundation.

    The first course has proven very popular. It has generated considerable interest of those who want to progress further with their Chinese language study or who will remain in China for a longer time. This intermediate course enables those learners who desire to learn more Chinese.

     Learning another language can be a tough journey. Based on my teaching experiences and the feedback from my students , I have aimed at developing a course that is both interesting and purposeful. Numerous problems and difficulties needed to be overcome to make the journey smooth. It has been a challenge to provide a stimulating learning experience. Hopefully this is what students will find in this course and they will not suffer from "boredom" of language learning , which is frequently the criticism on language courses.

     In contrast to English and other Western languages , there is no strict tense in Chinese. The grammar is less regular a When spoken , the grammar is flexible and simple. You will soon be surprised by the ease , which you can organise Chinese words and engage in a conversation.

     This intermediate course is comprised of 15 lessons. They include some of the most common topics on modem Chinese lifestyle , including "Travelling in China", "Culture Gap", "Surfing the intemet in China"," Watching a Movie"," Chinese Families", "Housing in China"," Buying a Car in China"," Environmental Problems in China" ,"Chinese Poems" and many others. The aim is to enable followers of the course to feel confident and be able to communicate freely with their Chinese friends and colleagues.

     "Chinese Express 2" provides the basic groundwork ; it also proves that Chinese is not as difficult as expected!    

     Increased knowledge of Chinese will enrich your experience in China , and being able to speak the language will make your life even more enjoyable.

     My wishes are simple for everyone who lives in China or wiil be in China , may you enjoy every moment of your time ! I hope you will be happy with this course and encourage your family and friends to start learning this ancient and wonderful language with your.

     Good luck

         JOY CHINESE