Book 1:JOY CHINESE IN 3 MONTHS-CHINESE EXPRESS--The quickest way to learn Mandarin!
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JOY CHINESE IN 3 MONTHS , also known as CHINESE EXPRESS, helps you to learn basic Chinese in the shortest time. You may believe learning Chinese is difficult. Maybe true for some BUT JOY CHINESE IN 3 MONTHS --CHINESE EXPRESS is a course that is designed to help people who want to learn basic Chinese in the shortest possible time. In fact, speaking Chinese is not as difficult as you may at first think. Come and join us to realize it's not as hard as you thought!

In the last 20 years, more and more friends from different parts of the world have come to China . Everybody experiences his or her own story and are often shocked by the change in this fast growing country. For expats living in China , many people want and need to learn Mandarin Chinese. But due to work commitments during the day and family activities after hours, it is sometimes difficult to find time to attend full-time university classes.

As a professional language instructor with 10 years experience for corporate Chinese training, I have found that most university textbooks are designed for full-time training over a long term. It has been very difficult to find a practical book to help people start communicating as soon as possible. So, in 2003, I made up my mind and finished writing this book “JOY Chinese in 3 months”.

Focusing on conversation, “JOY Chinese in 3 months” was designed for beginners who have classes two or three times a week. The full course can be finished in 3 months. The lessons begin with proper pronunciation of Mandarin. Then students will learn “Greeting”, “Introducing Yourself”, “What Is This”, “Taking a Taxi”, “Time”, “Date”, “Shopping”, “Going to a Restaurant”, “Seeing a Doctor”, “Holiday in China” and other common encounter. Lessons 15 and Lesson 17 cover some special Chinese sentence structures that are very popular in daily Chinese speaking but cannot be found as equivalent structures in English. Finally, since language is such an important aspect of the Chinese culture, Lesson 16 introduces Chinese politeness to help in common social situations.

“JOY Chinese in 3 months” is also a good choice for people who would like to take an intensive course before going to China for business or pleasure.

Learning basic Chinese is not as difficult as you may think at first. Even the simplest knowledge of the language will enhance your experience. Enjoy your life in China ! This is my best wish. I hope more and more friends can come to China and start learning this ancient language.
Good Luck!

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