The most effective Chinese language courses with the most reasonalbe price!!

Do you want to learn Chinese in your office or at your home?

Would you like to join a group and have the class in JOY?

The different payment packages satisfy your needs!

> One-on-one private lessons (On-site training)

  1. Payments are in 30hrs increments.

  2. RMB 120--150 per hour for 1-2 people, for the lessons inside the city of Guangzhou.

  3. Flexible class schedule.

> Group Classes (2-3times per week)

  1. Introductory Class

       RMB1850---32hrs, including textbook and CD.

  2. Chinese Class 2, Chinese Class 3…

       RMB2250---40hrs, including textbook and CD.

  3. People have class 2-3 times a week. Whole class is finished in 6-8 weeks.

Intensive Chinese classes (2hrs/day * 5days/week * 4 weeks)

  1. RMB2050 (group class price)/ RMB3500(one on one) 2hours per day---5 days from Monday to Friday---4 weeks.

  2. People have class 2 hours from Monday to Friday. The whole class is finished in 4 weeks.

> Online courses by Skype and Dimdim

  1. RMB3980---60hrs increment, including textbook and CD.

  2. RMB7180---120hrs increment, including textbook and CD.

> Tailor-made Classes (i.e. business, legal, etc.)

   Payments are in 30hr increments RMB150-200 per hour.


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