JOY Chinese Language Training Center  is a school specialized in Chinese language training since 2002. Learning Chinese with JOY is the quickest and enjoyable way to learn Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

Difficult to learn Chinese?

As an expat living or traveling in China, you have the desire and need to learn Chinese. But since Chinese is a language very different from English or other similar languages with the same Alphabet, you may think it must be very difficult to learn Chinese. And due to the work, you have no time to attend everyday class.

Surprised by the ease

In fact, learning Chinese is not as difficult as you may think at first.  In contrast to English, there is no strict tense in Chinese. The grammar is less regular when spoken, the grammar is flexible and simple. You will soon be surprised by the ease, which you can organize Chinese words and engage in a conversation.


         JOY CHINESE


Speaking Chinese in the shortest time

In order to satisfy the needs to learn Chinese quickly, “JOY Chinese in 3 months----Chinese Express” and “JOY Chinese Intermediate Course” were developed in JOY in 2003. They are the courses that are designed to help people who want to SPEAK Chinese in the shortest possible time.

Learning Chinese characters

For many people, learning Chinese character is a nightmare. However, if you follow JOY to learn Chinese characters, you will realize it is much easier than you first thought.Easy way to learn Chinese characters” covers the most frequently used Chinese characters in China’s everyday life.

Learning Cantonese

Have you been to those bookstores in China? Those Cantonese books are only for local Chinese people to learn Cantonese. As  a non-Chinese speaker, How can you learn Cantonese? This is how JOY will help you!

Learning Chinese with JOY is the smartest choice for you! Even the simplest knowledge of the Chinese language will enhance your experience in China! So let’s start the journey with JOY now!  


*JOY offers on-site training, group classes and online courses for you. So you can learn Chinese at home or your office, face to face with teachers or study online.

*JOY promises to be flexible to accommodate each individual's learning goals and scheduling requirements.

*Your satisfaction and progress is our top priority!


*You are also welcome to join classes in the offices of JOY.

*Our facilities can comfortably accommodate between 4-20 students. The training center is conveniently located near the intersection of Guangzhou Da Dao and Tianhe Bei Lu. Metro station Lin He Xi of Line 3.

*On-site training. We are happy to visit your company for individual or group instruction.