Testimonials from previous students of JOY--Learn  to speak Chinese:

"After moving to China with my family, I tried many types of books, tapes, and DVD training courses to learn Mandarin Chinese. None of these worked very effectively. Finally, after some nice recommendations from friends, both my wife and I tried the JOY Chinese Language Training method that uses the book called 'JOY Chinese in 3 Months'. Wow, what a difference! "

Lawrence S. Popp

Operations Manager

Cargill - President JV Company

"This is a very, very practical course together with an extremely effective teaching method that gives you the basics and gets you talking Mandarin after only a couple of lessons. "

Nilssen Lester Lim

Area Account Manager

Maersk Global Service Center

"When I first came to Chinese in 2005, nearly not a single word I could speak, except “ni hao” and “xie xie”. Then I started to learn Chinese, using “JOY Chinese in 3 Months—Chinese Express”. This book is user-friendly, easy to understand and practical. After finishing this book, I believe you will be able to speak Chinese with local people correctly."

Arif Gunawan

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Guangzhou .

"They concentrate on the vocabulary and sentences that you need to get by in the day-to-day routine. The course is taught in Mandarin, so you learn to listen and speak at the same time. Now my children are also taking the course, while my husband and I have moved on to the second level, but using the same effective teaching method."

Claire Mason

Manager, Brand Merchandising Apparel Sourcing


"I would highly recommend this school and course to everyone that needs to learn Mandarin in a hurry. This gets you to basic communication survival in China in a very short period of time - you will be crawling after day two, walking after day five, and running full speed ahead after week two. Go for it!"

Julien Tant

Lonza Ltd.

"I started to learn “JOY Chinese in 3 months” at the beginning of this year, I found this book to be a really practical and easy to use “aid” to my learning of the Chinese language. It allows you to practice language you will use in every day life in China.I would highly recommend it."

Hamdani Djafar

Consul General

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Guangzhou .

"She is a very patient and thoughtful teacher, who utilises a variety of teaching styles and methods to fit the students`needs and pace. She assesses the students`comprehension and modifies her style accordingly.She takes great care to check understanding before progressing to the next lesson."

Gary Donaldson

Operations and Marketing Manager

BP Oil China

"She is a very skilled and dedicated teacher who has a great knowledge of mandarin.She paxes lessons according to the students needs."

Ralf Hemel

Manager, Asia Pacific


"She is a very systematic and thoughtful teacher. She continues to reinforce things that we have leamed throughout the lessons.This has helped me to continue to develop the skills learned earlier while building new vocabulary and grammar."

Trevor Rasmussen

Enginerring Manager

Moen Guangzhou Faucet Company

"I feel a great deal of confidence speaking Mandarin.I can now communicate simple sentences to taxi drivers,waitresses,and shopkeepers,This has made my day-to-day experience in Guangzhou much more fulfilling and productive. "

Kathy Banovic

Engineering Operation

Nike, China.

Hey Carson, I’m flying to Nepal today. I just want to say, you have been a great help during my first months in China. I really liked the classes with you, and I appreciate all the tips and contacts you shared with me .Without you my whole China experience would have not been the same! I am sure it won’t be my last time here. If you ever need a favor or anything I can help you with. Please feel free to contact me.

Marie Broeckling
German teacher in Sun Yat Sen Affiliate High School
(1 mths later, she got the HSK3 certificate: Listening 98; Reading 99; Writing 85)

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