Alice Liu

General Instructor (honored)

10 year teaching experience in China and Singapore .

The author of “JOY Chinese in 3 months”

Just because someone speaks Chinese well doesn’t mean that he/she can teach Chinese professionally.

Only after they have gotten strict trainings, all the teachers in JOY can start to teach

Li Yun Fang

Graduated from Huaqiao University, Master degree.
Major in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Kong Yi Fei

Graduated from Huizhou University.
Major in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Endie Feng

Graduated from Guangdong Normal University .
Major in Chinese literature.

Bill Bao

Graduated with MA from Jinan University .
Major in Arts of the department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistic.

Yang Fang

Graduated from Hunan Normal  University .
Major in English Education

lora Liang

Graduated from Guangdong Huizhou University
Major in Chinese Literrature

Anna Liu

Graduated from Sun Yat-sen University .
Major in Archaeology and Chinese history.

Lily Ye

Graduated from Hubei Three Gorges University
Major in English teaching

General instructor

Major in Chinese Language

4 years of teaching experience in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Our Team

         JOY CHINESE


Tracy Xu

Graduated from MasseyUniversity, NZ.
Major in international business.

ChaCha Zhang

Graduated from Sichuan University.
Major in Chinese literature.


Graduated from Wuhan Technology University.
Major at Englsih Education.


Graduated from HuaQiao University.
Major in Teaching of Chinese Language to Foreigners.

Liya Chen

Graduated from University of Wuyi
Major in Teaching Chinese as second language

Penny Peng

Graduated from HuBei Xiangfan Institute.
Major in Chinese Literature and Education