1, Where is JOY Chinese Language Training Located in Guangzhou, China?

JOY is conveniently located at Tianhe Bei Lu, right next to Timesquare , just 3 minutes by walk from Metro station Lin He Xi, Line 3.Please see the map for detail.

2, Is it difficult to learn Chinese?

Different from English, there is no strict tense in Chinese. The grammar is less regular  when spoken, the grammar is flexible and simple. You will soon be surprised by the ease. Speaking Chinese is much easier than you may first think.

3, Is it boring to learn Chinese language?

Learning another language could be a tough journey. Many people complain it is too boring!However, based on our teaching experiences and the feedback from our students, JOY has aimed at developing the courses and teaching technique that is both interesting and purposeful. Numerous problems and difficulties can be overcome to make the journey smooth. To provide a stimulating learning experience, this is what you will find in JOY’s courses.

4, How to learn Chinese quickly?

1)Learning Pin Yin--it is the pronunciation of Chinese Mandarin.

There was no Pin Yin in ancient Chinese. Chinese Pin Yin was 'imported' from European languages at the end of 19th century.so you will find it is not difficult to make those pronunciations of Chinese Mandarin. Some peopel may have problems with "Zh" and "R". You will get it after some practise.

2)Learning some most frequently used sentences--Such as "Greeting", "Introducing Yourself", "What Is This", "Taking a Taxi", "Time", "Date", "Shopping", "Going to a Restaurant". For speaking Chinese, the grammar is very flexible, you can talk in this way, then change the word order, people can still understand what you mean.

3)Learning basic Chinese grammar-- Time

+Subject++place+Verbs+Object. Basic Chinese grammar is like English, Subject+Verbs+Object. If you want to say time, please put the time at the beginning of the sentence.Example: MingTian(tomorrow) wo(I) qu(to go) Beijing.

4)Learning some special Chinese grammars--Since no tense in Chinese, so it is simple to speak Chinese. You also need to know some special Chinese grammars that are very popular in daily Chinese speaking but cannot be found as equivalent structures in English. There is a structure called complimentary structure in Chinese, which is very important in Chinese but may make non-Chinese speakers confused.

Example. Ta(he) shuo(to speak) Hanyu(Chinese) shuo de hen(very) hao(good).In English, you say he speaks good Chinese, but in Chinese, you cannot say Ta(he) shuo(to speak) hanyu(Chinese) henhao(very good).

5, How is JOY Chinese Language Training different from others?

As a professional language trainer with more than 10 years experience for corporate Chinese training, we have found that most textbooks or courses are designed for a long term training. For those people working or traveling in China, they prefer to a quick and practical course. Iin order to help people start communicating in Chinese as soon as possible,  ‘JOY Chinese in 3 Months----Chinese Express’  is the quickest and the most practical course to help people to learn Chinese in the shortest time.

6, What are JOY teachers’ qualifications?

Most of JOY’s teachers graduated with the major of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, or Chinese literature. They are bilingual language teachers experienced at teaching Chinese.

7, Can I have a free trial lesson?

Yes. Free demonstration classes takeas place the first Saturday afternoon and the first Monday evening every month in JOY.You are encouraged to try a free lesson and discover how we can help you achieve your Chinese language goals. The trial lesson will be customized to fit your specific needs and level in same circumstances as real lessons. The trial comes with no obligations, but we are confident you’ll want to continue with us. Just let us know the best time for your lessons and we’ll get started right away.

8, When are classes?

Each class has a different schedule. Some classes are in the daytime or in the evening or at the weekend. Therefore, we will offer you a free assessment to decide your mandarin level, combined with your schedule to find out the best class to match your needs. 

9, How can I have my Chinese lesson if I am often away on business or family trips?

If you travel a lot, we recommend private lesson to you since its flexible shcedule. If you take group class, you will change to another group that suits you schedule and learning goals after you finish your trip.

10, What language do teachers use in the classroom?

It is Chinese lesson, so classes are held mostly in Chinese, but for beginner’s lesson, teacher can explain grammar or concepts in English and you can also ask questions in English.

11,  Will I have same teacher for all of my classes?

All teachers at JOY Chinese Language Training are professional, experienced at teaching Chinese as Second language. it is possible to have the same teacher or different teachers if you prefer.

12, Should I learn Chinese Characters? When can I start it? Is it difficult to learn Chinese characters?

If you are a beginner, your lesson can only focus on conversation. By the way , you teacher will also recommend you some simple characters so that you can read some signs that frequently used in your daily life. After you finish JOY Chinese in 3 Month, your teacher will recommend you the character course, “Easy way to learn Chinese characters”. With a proper approach, you will find it is not difficult to learn Chinese characters.

13, What is the maximum class size?

The maximum is 8 students in one group.

14, How can I pay the tuition fee?

Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or paypal. Currently we do not accept credit cards. Payment can be made in installments. The payments for classes and online courses must be made in advance. The payment for One-on-one private lesson, people can pay in a week after they start their lesson then make sure they are satisfied with their teachers and the courses.

15, Can I change the class schedule?

Yes. Please talk to the program manager and she/he will coordinate your teacher and classmates for you. If everyone is ok with the change, you can change the schedule.

16,  Do you offer full-time courses?

Yes, our intensive course at JOY is the full-time course. It is a 4-week course, 5 days a week and 3 hours for each session. We can also arrange intensive private courses in which you can learn everyday with a teacher who focuses on your needs and goals.

17, What is the level-up system and do I get a certificate upon completion?

There are 8 levels altogether and each level split into 2-3 modules. After you finish your Chinese lesson in JOY, a test will be given. Upon successful completion, a certificate confirming this will be awarded.

Any more question, please be free to contact us.


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