Chinese culture (1)--Chinese lucky numbers
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Learn Chinese numbers--Why does number 4 mean unlucky and number 8 mean lucky?

Chinese people are superstitious about numbers. Some numbers are believed to bring people good lucks, such as 8, 6, 9, and some number are believe to be inauspicious, like 4. Why?

8, ba, bā, its pronunciation is similar as “fa,fā”. “Fa” in Chinese means “to prosper, to be more wealthy”. People believe this number can bring good luck. In China, many people spend a lot of money to by car numbers with 8, like ABC888, or telephone numbers with 8.

4,si, sì, its pronunciation is similar as “sǐ”. “sǐ” in Chinese means “death”, so it is an unlucky number in China. Many buildings in China have no 4th floor or 14th floor.

In China, 6( liù) and 9(jiǔ) are often treated as lucky numbers. 9, jiǔ, its pronunciation also means “ to last forever”, so it means good. 6,liù, Chinese people say “liu liu da shun—success, smoothness and well-being.”

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